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Contact me

I love getting emails. They momentarily transport me to a world where I am not all alone, sobbing over my keyboard in a squalid, tissue-strewn office, and wondering if it's too early to start drinking. What? Midday already? Hurrah! It's Dubonnet o'clock.

If you just want to send regular, vanilla-flavoured email: mail@charleswilliams.co.uk

If you want to give me work: yourehired@charleswilliams.co.uk

If you want to complain about anything on this website: boohoohoo@charleswilliams.co.uk

If you’ve seen my picture and find balding 40-something men strangely alluring: donttellmywife@charleswilliams.co.uk

If you want to be my agent: tenpercent@charleswilliams.co.uk

If you’re called Charles Williams and want to buy the domain name: sorryitsnotforsale@charleswilliams.co.uk


Home  |  Archive  |  FAQs  |  Journalism  |  Radio & TV  |  Commercial  |  Links  |  Contact me